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Farzana Akhtar

"In a society where women are fighting for equal rights, some are being abused by inhumane act of discriminations and violence. As a girl, it makes me think that who can guarantee that I will not be the next victim of what is happening to these girls? Throwing acid on another human being is a savagely cruel act of revenge and inhumanity.


Over the past few decades, it has been growing in both urban and rural areas of Bangladesh. For my work I have interviewed several acid victims and during my interview maximum survivors said that the incident occurred in their own home or in a public place. Where is a girl really safe? A woman is not safe anywhere, not even in her own home. Maybe a woman is only safe in her mother's womb and in her grave. 

Through my work my intention is to enable the mass to connect with the survivors at a meaningful level. Winning this opportunity can help my ongoing project in many directions, such as these project’s agenda can have the global exposure and attention it demands and not only my work will be globally recognized but also an awareness against acid attacks will be focused in an international community."

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