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Now That We Are Free? 

An open call by An Indian Summer for the inaugural AIS OPEN 2020

What is the opportunity? 

Artists are invited to submit work exploring the theme of ‘Now We Are Free?’ and what it means to be free in today’s world. The exhibition will be curated by artist Ashokkumar Mistry with a panel of experts and festival stakeholders.


Inspired by the anniversaries of South Asian independence in recent years, the exhibition aims to explore what freedom feels like, tastes like and means once it has been attained. How does one express a freedom that is craved for so long? As the Covid-19 crisis forces us into isolation and takes away many freedoms globally, does this force us to understand and appreciate freedom differently?


What will awarded artists receive?

  • 15 artists will have their work exhibited in the exhibition

  • These 15 artists will also be entered into the final competition to win one of four prizes

  • All artists will receive exposure through our social media feeds and the exhibition website

  • The three runner ups will be awarded a £200 cash prize each

  • One winner will be given a £500 cash prize

Who is eligible? 

UK and International visual artists, at all stages of their careers, of any background and of any age. We strongly encourage artists who are under-represented within visual arts in the UK and internationally to apply, particularly artists with disabilities or long-term health conditions, and artists from low-income, LGBTQI and minority backgrounds, and artists living outside metropolitan cities.


How to apply

Please find the brief and more information about how to apply, Here.

Applications can be made via Google Forms, Here.

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