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Leafy Yeh

"Growing up with Chinese ink landscape paintings has shaped my work with a poetic approach as Chinese depictions of nature are abstract expressions of the mind and heart of the individual artist. We do not merely venture into the landscape, we carry it forth within us.

Inner Landscape is a long-term conceptual series visually reflecting the inward world. Our inner landscape is more than an imagined space, it’s a basis of thoughts and who we are. How we define concepts like home, safety, community, and comfort depend on how we visualize those concepts in our mind. As a female artist, my goal is to understand how women's identities engage with a particular site, and more broadly, the land itself through psychological perspectives. Each photograph begins with days of driving and location search, looking for shapes, lines, harmonious or discordant colors, and diagrammatic aspects in the wild to reflect the inner world. 

Each photograph points to the metaphorical internal sense of the female self. These long exposures of light sources refer to the enduring, bursting division, and momentum within the female, while the pastel and contrasting subjects tell the complex stories of emotions. These works demonstrate the complexity of the female relationship with self, creating a focus on the dichotomy of resilience and fragility in the process of looking inwards."

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