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Mon 17 Aug 18:00 | Festival Website, YouTube, Social Media

Anglo Sikh Virtual Museum:

A Guided Tour

Using a digital touchscreen and a Virtual Reality setup, Gurinder Mann and Taran Singh take you on a journey through a range of cultural objects


The advertised date & time is when this video will be released. Visit this page from then to view it. Alternatively you can head directly to our YouTube channel or watch on our Facebook page


This is no ordinary trip to the museum! Get comfy as The Sikh Museum Initiative takes us through a fascinating look at Sikh relics and artefacts in 3D. Using a digital touchscreen and a Virtual Reality setup, Gurinder Mann and Taran Singh will take you on a journey through a range  of cultural objects - exploring how they’ve made their way from the Punjab to UK public and private collections.



Gurinder Singh Mann and Taran Singh of Taran3d

Historian and Director of the Sikh Museum Initiative. He is a Leicester born Sikh Scholar and historian. He holds an MA in South Asian Religions from De Montfort University, Leicester (2001).  He is author of three books: Sri Dasam Granth: Questions and Answers, (Archimedes Press, 2011) and the Oxford University Press published: The Granth of Guru Gobind Singh: Essays, Lectures and Translations (2015) and the British and the Sikhs: Discovery, Warfare and Friendship (2020). Gurinder has researched and discovered many Sikh artefacts and relics as well as delivering lectures across the world for 20 years. He has appeared on radio and TV, including the BBC, ITV and other channels giving his views on heritage issues as well as theological matters. He set up the Sikh Museum Initiative to research the numerous Sikh relics and artefacts in the UK. The initiative has already made headway by utilising new technologies including 3d modelling and augmented reality to showcase and preserve Sikh heritage. He curated the exhibition Anglo Sikh Wars: Battles, Treaties and Relics (2017) and is the Digital Curator of the Anglo Sikh Virtual Museum (2018-2020).


Sikh Museum Initiative

There has been a long history linking the Sikhs to the British since the eighteenth century. This history is relatively unknown and requires an initiative to bring closer introspection and investigation. As a result the Sikh Museum Initiative focuses on locating and uncovering relics and documents which binds the two communities together. This national programme aims to leave a lasting legacy for future generations so that second generation Sikhs will understand the close relationship that exists. Find out more at

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