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OPEN 2022


Natalia González Acosta

Natalia González Acosta, UK

Community Mobilities and In/Visibilities

Community Mobilities and In/Visibilities explores the way in which Covid-19 has changed and affected the way in which Latin Americans move in London. It focuses on the experiences of seven Latin Americans and questions if these altered mobilities enact forms of national, ethnic and class identities.


The Latin American community is not officially recognised in the UK and it has been clear, from the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, that it has impacted communities and cultures differently. This project takes these two facts into account, and attempts to represent the experiences of migrants that have developed tactics to adapt to British culture, but who have also been faced with the challenges that the pandemic has brought with it. The possibility to ‘stay at home’ and being immobile has shifted the notions of home, privilege, power, and risk since these are dependent upon a number of factors, such as class, race, residency status and more. 


As a way to explore this reimagined social hierarchy, I closely collaborate with six Latin

Americans in this project to explore their experiences throughout the pandemic, where we discuss their daily journeys alongside their personal definitions of risk and privilege throughout this time. This collaboration consists of an interview, the making of a photographic portrait, the discussion of their daily journeys through a drawn map, and finally, the implementation of photovoice (documenting their own journeys through photography).


Natalia is a photographer with a social-documentary approach, based in London. Her practice explores the relationship between people and their environments by focusing on topics of migration, identity, belonging and the concept of home.

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