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OPEN 2022


Nazik Armenakyan

Nazik Armenakyan, Armenia

Red Black White


Red Black White is the tentative title of Nazik’s photography project on women with HIV living in Armenia. The subject of which she has been researching and working with since 2014. Due to poor socioeconomic conditions, many Armenian men spend a large part of the year working abroad, primarily in Russia. Due to circumstances such as lack of knowledge and the vulnerability of migrants, those men acquire STDs or HIV, which they transfer to their wives. Sadly, many women discover their condition after they become pregnant and get tested.


Nazik photographs the women  in a studio. Besides the portraits, she photographs details and stills that are connected, or reflecting intimacy of traditions, gender issues etc.


Through this project and particularly through personal stories of women, Nazik would like to raise awareness and create a dialogue about HIV, hoping to educate the young generation and to weaken the stigma towards people living with HIV in Armenia. 


Nazik has been working as a photojournalist since 2002. Her photojournalistic experience includes working for Armenpress News Agency, Yerevan magazine, and Forum magazine, freelance work Reuters. Nazik currently works as a photojournalist with

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